Group support, Professional Training & Coaching

Group support and Professional Training

As well as 1-1 therapy, Dr Lakhani also offers group support in the form of Stresses Anxieties and Life Events; Living with and Beyond Cancer, Adapt, Adjust and Plan, Mindfulness group to name a few.

A variety of training courses is also offered to colleagues in the NHS and private sector. These range from Psychology Level 2 skills for Clinical Nurse Specialists (as per NICE 2004 guidance), Communication skills courses aimed at generic acute nursing staff (Level 1), Advance Care Planning training and also ongoing clinical supervision for teams. She has also delivered training for charities such as Macmillan and Ovacome.

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Staff Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an extremely important role, provided by Dr Lakhani for colleagues in the NHS and teams in the private sector. This ensures that colleagues feel supported and skilled up to manage patients accordingly and also crucially to ensure that staff health and wellbeing is prioritised.

Coaching and NLP

Being trained at accredited level by The Association for Coaching at A.C.C.T level and having undertaken Neuro Linguistic (NLP) Programming Training at Practitioner level, enables Dr Lakhani to be able to offer Coaching for professionals needing direction to achieve goals and outcomes in their designated career aspirations. NLP focuses on how we organise our thoughts, feelings, words and actions to get the results we do. Through NLP and Coaching, professionals can  learn how to:

  • Build greater awareness
  • Connect with others
  • Understanding multiple viewpoints on any situation
  • Understand values and the part they play in our lives
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Use language to understand and influence
  • How to get into an optimum state
  • Use the GROW mindset for success
  • How to succeed.

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